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Thursday, December 25, 2003
hanging on

oooooooooooooooooooo im getting tha hang of diz shyt yahs......*yippe~!!

Posted at 08:39 am by blackr0se
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wadda heckkkk??

o hell......i still have nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo idea! bout diz bloggy thingy~!! help anyoneeeeeeeeeeeee?!!! *pathetic face

Posted at 08:38 am by blackr0se
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*dAes cOme uNh gO....

daes come and go... and i sit to ponder how many friggin tymes dat sentence had popped into my mind since i last saw the sun sets down turning my fear into reality....

hahahaha.....sounds so dramatic aites? -lol-

lets jus sae we forget bout the crappy sunsetting down and fear and starfs..bud tha rest is pretty much true....


aniwaes...wenta meet jillz....was late tho....as usual :X..sorie gyrl....im just not used to bein punctual..must hafta come from mah dad'z side...he'z hardly punctual fer anithing.. well dat makes sense... moz of mah behaviour comes frm mah dad...-durhz-..unfortunately..bud heyys..i lurve mah dad.....(i think)..

aniwaes....wenta buy starfs fer her grandad...which is socks:s...lyk urms, wadeva? *grinz..aniwaes i hope yer grandad'll lyk it yeahs? took sum neos....which is seriously a waste of mah monay cos i hate tha machines there at cwp... they're kinda lame and ugly starfs... would rather go town and take....and im working on dragging mai to take bud itz lyk she'z neva gonna bring any monay.....lyk urmz o.O..??!

wadevas yeahs? wanted to buy a bag fer skool....bud yeahs....hafta come back ltr on... bud seriously jill....should i realie lyk go buy dat bag? its kinda plain tho tha words and pic is niceee...bud neminds...i'll drag summore arseholes fer their opinions
wenta petshops cos i wanna buy Maurie a collar...well sumthing dat can make me see her in tha dark....:X bud they were kinda expensive...so yeahs...i mite as well make mah own fer her....*angelic smile

and seriously..i still kant get tha hang of diz bloggy starfs....cos dx is soooo much easier to use yahs? so help meee peopleeee~!!!

o hells... went back and realised dat one of mah fav dangling and jingling earring was missing...so its lyk i had only my left side on..and tha right side a earstick....its lyk no wonder ppl'z been looking at me as tho im nutsie? bud neminds.. i'll jus say thath im tryin tha make a fashion statement....-lols-

dunno wassup wid bitches nowadaes... well...fat-arseholic blubber-waist bitches wid skinny bfs....sheesh....esp to that bitch out there whom i met todae...it wasnt mah fault aites?!!

Posted at 08:38 am by blackr0se
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